Do you speak English?

Well, I had this idea when I woke up this morning that I could sometimes write a note in English. 

When I was young, should I say younger, I spent a couple of years in Britain and I really enjoyed it. I learnt to speak English, I even managed to find a job for the second year after a year as an erasmus student. i don’t know if the Erasmus program still exists, but if so, I hope my children will have a chance to be part of it. In the meantime, I often speak english at work, but I still need to practice it.

Anyway, if you don’t speak English, you can just copy and paste this note on Google traduction.

If you speak a little bit of English you should be able to read this note quite easily.

First day of Easter holidays here, and because I’m brave and full of energy I’ve suggested the kids that we could do some plaster masks. I took the idea after having spent some time on this brilliant blog. Everything is possible to to with the children very easily. Most of the time, you don’t need much material, so you can just have a look, decide straight away what to do, and have it done in the next 2 hours.

So today, we did some masks. I had done some before, and the kids spent a lot of time decorating them and wearing them. That’s for tomorrow, they are not dry yet. This time, I’d like to file them with plaster to get a molding of their faces. I might try this tomorrow as well.

If you fell like commenting with your first day holiday program (in English of course), fell free!!




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  1. Great idea to write some notes in english. Mine is so poor 😉 but I like to practise so thank you for this one.
    About activities during hollidays, let’s say I still do not know what I will do 😉 Today birthday party for one of my 3 children, home work for another and big big spleeeping time for le little one. YES!

    Happy Birthday To your child! I hope you enjoyed it! Sleeping is a good activity too

  2. Hi Cécile, 
    The Erasmus program still exists !! Although I didn’t get the chance to study in a foreign country thanks to it, I really like to speak english !! Love to everyone xxx

    Thanks Heidie for your comment! I know your English is fluent, so if I can give you a chance to practice here, I’m happy 🙂

  3. 我还没有发现 !
    Je n’ai pas trouvé !
    En fait, j’ai trouvé le blog que tu conseilles super sympa.
    Mais je n’ai pas trouvé la page des masques 🙁

    En fait, ils n’y sont pas sur ce blog… il y a un DIY pour des mappemondes avec du journal sur des ballons de baudruches, ce qui m’a donné envie de faire des masques en plâtre… Non ne cherche pas le lien, je ne sais pas s’il y en a un.
    voici un lien pas mal 🙂

  4. Today morning, I went to the doctor due to the bad flu I have had since Tuesday. I’m exhausted and the doctor didn’t beleive it is the flu ! « The flu is over for 2012 ».
    Then I slept 2 hours with my Titou and we watched the film Dragons… twice !
    I have no energy.

    Get some rest, the flu is not over… I just hope it does’nt spread to the whole family like it did here, otherwise you’ll see Dragons 100 times!

  5. I love the note in English! I’m trying to motivate Rob to learn French but
    so far not very successfully.
    Should I write about those 2 years you spent in Portsmouth and the several
    times I came and visit? Maybe we should leave it for another more private
    time 🙂 it was a lot of fun and your flat had such a greaz location! Sea
    front and above a pub. What else do you need when you’re a student 🙂
    Enjoy the masks! I’m looking forward to seeing the end result. Don’t forget
    to post some pics.

    GIve Rob the address of the blog to improve his French 🙂
    Yes, I remember Portsmouth, the flat, the friends, the beer, the sea…. and your visits 🙂

  6. What a great idea ! Unfortunately my Mini Me is a bit too young for this exercise, but I will do it later.
    Thanks for this note in English and 15 years ago, Erasmus existed for me. I was about to spent a year in Nottingham, searching for Robin Hood, but my parents wanted me to start working :/
    Enjoy your holidays with all your great kids, here we are finishing ours by visiting this exhibit : 😀

  7. my God ! I have understood everything!
    I don’t know if my English is right but I have made an effort !
    I hope I can be forgiven
    Perhaps I coul read books English again !

  8. Hi,

    what a very good idea, I read your blog every day, and if I forget it, I do it ASAP, the day after.
    Plaster masks, why not, an idea with my two daughters.

    You seem to feel comfortable with written english, but sorry another mistake, « feel » instead of « fell ».

    just to conclude, congratulations for such a family, here, only 3 rabbits, and it’s enough for me.

    C U

    Rabbit mum

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