Let’s speak English at home

Remember this category? In English, just in English.

They learn English at school. I cannot say if it’s useful to start learning English when you’re 6 or 7 years old, but as I don’t know, I think it cannot make any damage.

Evenmore, I’ve decided to help my children, or their teachers, or both.

Since last week, I wake up my kids talking to them in English. I wouldn’t dare doing it to my teenagers, they could kill me. I can well imagine their reaction:

Me: « Hello Darling, time to get up! Did you have a good night? Don’t forget to open your window, it stinks in your bedroom!

Them: « Mam’sssss, c’est bonnnnnn, sorssssss steupppppp » (*)

Well, I just do it with the 3 little ones, the 3 others manage themselves to get up on time anyway.

We started with the colors, and the name of their clothes. Not very easy for them to speak their first words of the day in English… But they listen nicely (in fact they’re half asleep), they do some sorts of mmmhhh which sound English (or Pakistanese)

After one week, they’re able to describe their shoes. It’s a good start, isn’t it? I don’t know when they’l be able to watch star wars without the subtitles!

(*) Get out of this f….g bedroom!

Our election



– you remember? one note in English per week, or nearly-


Yesterday was a big day, a special day.

We’ve got a new president. Whatever our opinion is, we thought it was important to share this moment with the children. 13 of us were here for lunch yesterday, and we thought it could be a good idea to vote, like in reality. Our panel consisted of 4 adults and 9 children: 4 boys and 5 girls (good parity, don’t you think?), aged from 7 to 15.

We printed 26 ballots, 13 for each candidate. Each one of us had 2 of each. Our urn was a sardine can.


At the end of the vote, the result was:

– 7 for François Hollande: 53,85 %

– 5 for Nicolas Sarkozy: 46,15 %

– 1 blank

Let’s say it was just a game, hey?

But when the best surveys tell you that 90% of the children vote like their parents, let me just doubt about it!

And you, how did you share the elections with your kids?

Do you speak English?

Well, I had this idea when I woke up this morning that I could sometimes write a note in English. 

When I was young, should I say younger, I spent a couple of years in Britain and I really enjoyed it. I learnt to speak English, I even managed to find a job for the second year after a year as an erasmus student. i don’t know if the Erasmus program still exists, but if so, I hope my children will have a chance to be part of it. In the meantime, I often speak english at work, but I still need to practice it.

Anyway, if you don’t speak English, you can just copy and paste this note on Google traduction.

If you speak a little bit of English you should be able to read this note quite easily.

First day of Easter holidays here, and because I’m brave and full of energy I’ve suggested the kids that we could do some plaster masks. I took the idea after having spent some time on this brilliant blog. Everything is possible to to with the children very easily. Most of the time, you don’t need much material, so you can just have a look, decide straight away what to do, and have it done in the next 2 hours.

So today, we did some masks. I had done some before, and the kids spent a lot of time decorating them and wearing them. That’s for tomorrow, they are not dry yet. This time, I’d like to file them with plaster to get a molding of their faces. I might try this tomorrow as well.

If you fell like commenting with your first day holiday program (in English of course), fell free!!